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Mother Earth Day 2017 Wraps Up

Thank-you for celebrating the 14th Annual Mother Earth Day event with us, at the Oodena Circle, at the Forks, Sunday, April 23, 2017, 1-4pm.

This is Winnipeg’s alternative to corporate earth day. The event was the vision of Indigenous women and was started as a sacred walk culminating with allies in Winnipeg.

We’ve kept up the tradition of bringing together land and water defenders to tell their stories, followed by a water ceremony and a FREE picnic.

We heard from Grassy Narrows where the community is at in their decades long fight to stop mercury contamination on their traditional territory, when Japanese scientists (who have conducted a study there since the 70s) confirm the 90 percent of the community is effected by mercury poisoning. Grassy Narrows is home of the longest lasting logging blockade, holding since 2003. at Slant Lake.

Shavon Sinclair, Hollow Water FN, has been standing up for the land and water since she was a teenager. Shavon attended many gatherings co-hosted by the late Elder Garry Raven and Boreal Action over, more than, a decade. She was there when the Elders, working with youth, made a declaration to protect the territory from large scale resource extraction, including a resounding NO to bipole 3, Diamonds have been discovered near the community and there is now a new threat. This is the community at the gateway to the largest intact boreal forest in the world, on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. She and her uncle, trapper Conrad Bushie told us why some community members are now raising money to take legal action to defend their lands and waters.

Everyday is earth day to us! This is a garbage free annual event so be ready bring a cup and a plate, drums and instruments, and the whole family to listen and learn, mingle, participate in the water ceremony and share in our free picnic (vegetarian and meat options) NEXT YEAR is our big 15th Annual event. It falls right on Earth Day next year April 22. We’re recruiting volunteers to make it our biggest 7th Generation celebration ever. 

Thanks going out to 10th Villages – Henderson Hywy., Hollow Reed Holistic, on Corydon and Organic Planet, on Westminster for donating to the gift bags for our speakers and Elders. Shout out to Native Studies at U of M and Ka Ni Kanichihk for donating for food and some travel expenses for out honoured guests.

To sign up to help for the 2018 event, email Susanne McCrea at

Video link of some of the speakers will be posted soon. Thanks to Paul Graham.

VIEW THE VIDEO at this link;

Photo gallery coming soon, also. Fabulous photos by Michael Yellowwing Kannon.

Thank-you to Sonnie Chartrand for the opening song and to Ally Stoneypoint for the beautiful water ceremony.



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