Boreal Action is a grassroots environment and social justice group.

Labour of Love Music Benefit Sept. 2, 2018

Music defined a generation in the later 60s, early 70s. Rock and Roll emerged against a social background of rebellion against the Vietnam war, racial segregation and economic inequity.

Winnipeg was a hub for the music scene in Canada. And River Heights Community Club (RHCC), on Corydon and Oak, was where a lot of it began.. Neil Young and the Squires, the Guess Who, the Fifth, the Mongrels, Sugar and Spice and numerous others played to appreciative audiences of teenagers hungry for change.

The labour of Love Music Reunion is a tribute to those times and the music that made them.

Profits will go to Boreal Action and the Corydon Community Club (formerly RHCC). Watch for details on line up and tickets.



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